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Doper Theme 01:23
TZANANA (traditional) Lyrics: Mziyanda Mdodosa and Vumile Sitokisi VERSE 1 (Mzi) Ayu’ tsotsi usisigebenga Yo a badman is a killer Ayu’ tsotsi udlala ‘ma(dize) A badman plays dice Ayu’ tsotsi usisigebenga Yo a badman is a killer Ayu’ tsotsi udlala ‘ma(dize) A badman plays dice CHORUS Tsanana tsanana Tsanana yo We tsanana Khawuyeke lento x2 VERSE 2 (Mzi) Ayu’ tsotsi usisgebenga Ay ‘utsotsi u-robabantu Ay ‘utsotsi ureyipa abo-sister Ayu’ tsotsi ukushiy’ ukhathele CHORUS VERSE 3 (Mzi) Saphel’ isonks sabantutwana There go the children and bread Tzanana ubo vuk’ uphangele Go and find a job Ngoba le mali iyasetyenzelwa ‘Cause money don’t come easy Tzanana hambu yodidizi ‘span Tzanana go and try harder
Hitch Haaik 01:38


Jozi, a comedy produced by Anant Singh and directed by Craig Freimond, tells the story of a comedy writer, James (played by Carl Beukes) living in Johannesburg who finds that he's lost his sense of humour, although his rampant drug habit may have had something to do with it. Dumped by his opportunistic girlfriend, shipped off to rehab and desperate for a job, James is a man at the end of his tether, with nothing but his parent's empty house and a stoner (played by the hilarious Lionel Newton) to keep him sane. Jozi is a bit of a rarity in South Africa, a genuinely funny, engaging and smart comedy that also rings true.


released October 2, 2010

These are some outtakes from the music we composed for the film. A lot of the music in the film was sourced from South African rock bands and the brief was to write stuff that would feel as if it had come from some-ones CD collection - a doped out CD collection !


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